Monday, December 1, 2008

Getting Started

I was just wondering as to why I should start writing a blog. When my friends used to ask me why I never blogged, I always came up with a reason like I was busy or something similar. Now I really cannot say that reason anymore. Wondering why? I'm currently in my 8th semester and I had chosen an option that people in our college call 'Fast Track', which means I can finish all my papers by 7th semester and just concentrate on 'Project'. Project is something that we do just for namesake, which means I'm left with a LOT of free time. I spend most of my time watching movies and talking to friends and when I'm tiredof both (read very rarely), I get completely bored and don't really know what to do. AND THAT.. Is precisely why I started blogging.

Apart from that, I also thought I should share some of my personal experiences with people. Like my HoD says, "experience is a collection of mistakes." In that case, I'm too experienced for a guy my age and hence decided to share my 'experiences' with people which will make them equally experienced. You need not have really made a mistake to gain experience, you can also learn from other's mistakes. I guess apart from the HUGE mistakes that I have made I can also share my thoughts about life, my knowledge in electronics (which really isn' much, but could be useful anyway) and day to day happenings which I find interesting enough to share.

That'll be all for now,


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