Monday, December 1, 2008

DAD - The Hero.

After a few incidents of the past week, I decided that I should write about my dad. Something like a tribute. I'm doing this because of three reasons.

The first one being the Tamil movie Vaaranam Aayiram, which truly was a genuine tribute to a dad from a son.

The second reason is my experience at the State Bank of India - I went there to open an account, my dad gave me two bags, one had all the forms fully filled up and the other had all the documents that I would need as a proof, two thousand rupees that I had to pay in the bank, a stapler with pins and a glue stick. He sent me there with clear instructions as to what is to be done, all I had to do was follow the instructions and I finally had my account opened in under an hour. In the same bank, I saw people coming back for the nth time to do this, where n generally varied from 3 to 5. The officer in the bank who was helping with opening the account told me that I was able to finish it so soon because I came in with whatever was required and that I had really planned well. I just thought of my dad that moment.

The third and the most important reason is that, I really haven't appreciated what my dad has done to me and I really don't know how to do it. I guess this is the best way, letting people know what a great man my dad is.

When I was a kid, I used to be a very inquisitive kid, used to pester people with a lot of questions and my dad was the only one who could answer everything. From that day, whenever I have any QUESTION as in technically or in finance etc, I ask my dad and he almost always answers my question. I have wondered so many times as to how he gained so much knowledge when there were not many sources of information like the present. Then I realised that it is because of his interest in learning. There have been so many instances when he has learnt from me, which proves he really doesn't mind learning from someone so much younger than him. This is something that I must acquire.

One striking quality of him is being systematic. He was the one who taught me that proper planning will help you achieve anything you want. Whenever we go out of station, he meticulously plans each and every detail of the visit, and we have never faced a problem. That really is something that I must learn from him. I have never seen him go late to any meeting or function or any other important appointment. He always keeps telling me that there is nothing wrong in starting early. When I talk about his meticulous planning, I remember my visit to Bangalore in order to write the BITSAT. He was in bangalore a week before that on office duty and like always, he finished his work soon and was free in the evening. He asked me for the address of the BITSAT centre over phone and visited that place. He found out the bus to be taken, the route in an auto, the distance from the hotel I was gonna stay in and how long it would take from there. So when I went to write BITSAT, all I had to do was follow his instructions. In spite of the downpour that day, I was able to reach the centre without a drop of water on me. If he hadn't visited that place beforehand, I really wouldn't have been able to locate the centre and write the test.

The things that I learnt from him have made me what I'm. He was the one who taught me about electronics. That was way back. I guess I was in my 5th grade when he gave me a regulated DC power source, a small light bulb, a switch and a small motor. He showed me how they worked. Then he asked me to figure out various ways to connect the circuit and make the bulb and the motor work. From then on, for years I have broken so many things that he bought. TV's remote, a remote controlled toy car, a pocket radio, a torchlight are all small examples that I remember now. But he never scolded. He just let me do things my way. I guess thats what gave me this interest in electronics. All the successful projects, my strong fundamentals in electronics are all because of what my dad showed me.

He has always asked me to be strong, courageous and outspoken. A scene in vaaranam aayiram reminded me of this incident - when I was bullied by a senior guy in school, he was the one who told me that I should not be intimidated by people who are BIG. That is something I follow till date. I never let someone intimidate me and no matter what happens, I stay calm, composed and strong.

He taught me to think for myself and never let anyone else take decisions for me. Throughout my life, he has never influenced my decisions. One quote that he always told me was "Don't be the football of other's feelings." When I decided to take up Biology as a subject in 11th in spite of being sure of doing engineering, he did not say a word. After 12th, when I told him that I was gonna do mechanical engineering, he did not object. And after my best friend's advice, when I decided to take ECE, he said he was happy because he personally liked electronics as a subject and thought I would do well if I take that up as my course of study.

He was the one who showed me that saying sorry costs nothing but lets u gain so many things. Whenever he has a fight with mom, he would be the one to make up. Things generally became smooth after that. I figured that if he din't say sorry so often, things would ve been really different in my family.

He taught me the various approaches to a problem. When I was in my 8th grade I used to be amazed by the speed with which he calculates, when I asked him the secret, he taught me so many ways to multiply, add and divide. That was my introduction to mental math in a completely different light. From then on, I always devised my own ways of doing math. Sometimes they were simple, sometimes they were complex, but those are the methods that I still use, the methods that I FIND simple.

Above all this, I'm a mom's child. I'm closer to my mom than my dad. I love my mom more than anyone else on earth, which also includes my dad. I share my personal life to my mom I tell her about my friends, my college life, the fun that we have and everything that happens and when dad asks me about all this, I just give him one word answers. He really hasn't showed his displeasure or asked me anything about it. My mom tells me that my dad at times feels bad that I don't tell him about my personal life. But not even once has he asked ME about it. It just shows what a gentleman he is.

I don't really know why I have written this. I guess I'm doing something by writing pages and pages about this great man. My Dad - My Hero. I don't really find it difficult telling my mom that I love her. Even when i'm talking to my friends it isn't very difficult so explicitly tell them how important they are in my life, but when it comes to my dad, I really find it very difficult. I really haven't told him that I love him, that he is important to me, that I respect him a lot and all that and even he hasn't told me any of this. I guess thats the thing about being a dad and son. You don't tell each other about the love and respect you have for one another and still cherish the bond.


nandy said...

That's a totally beautiful post :) I've tears in my eyes rite now.. WOW ! :)

Vineeth said...

Hey. That was really sweet. I din't know it was that good anyway.

an engineers mind said...

I like it.I feel the same about my dad too.

mohammed said...

a master piece and a tribute to you father na