Monday, December 1, 2008

The First day of the 8th semester.

Like I already said, our final semester was dedicated entirely to our project. Lot of my classamates have gone for internships to various companies, I decided to stay back here and spend my last semester in college. Today was the first day of the final semsester, quite unusually, I went to college on time i.e 8.30 AM and was surprised that there was no one in our department (thats Electronics and Communication Engineering by the way). Last time I walked in as the first person in class was back in the 3rd semester for entirely different reasons. Anyway, coming back to the topic, I really thought I'm gonna be bored to death for the next half an hour or so. Luckily, my class guys started coming in one by one and GOD, that was some relief. As usual, we started talking about last semester grades (a topic that I personally try to avoid) and came to know that Sundar (the genius of my class) became a 7 pointer. Oh my god, what an achievement, his rate of decrease in grades has been much greater than mine ;) my highest was 9.25 and lowest 8.3 and his highest was 9.42 in the first semester and now its 7.3 OMG. Like he said there has also been an increase in the rate of decrease of his GPA every semester. Then we discussed about decreasing functions, their decreasing first derivatives etc etc when our class representative came and told us that the lab was opened. PSG TECH GRD ECE COMPUTER LAB the lab that was previously called impact lab is gonna be our centre of operations for the next six months. According to my seniors, these six months are the most unforgettable days of college life and with that in mind, we entered the lab, I had a background music running in my mind and without doubt it was from Cheran's autograph (For people who don't know - Autograph is a tamil film about revisiting school and college days). The first thing that we do in the impact lab almost always is signing into our respective mail IDs to see what new mails we've got. Like always, I had a few mails from the groups I had subscribed to. Then we decided that we had spent enough time in the lab and decided to go to the canteen. Let me tell you, our canteen's Hot chocolate is simply amazing. We drink it everytime we go to the canteen. After the usual disappointment that we have in the canteen because of the absence of good looking girls (and by the way, its not only the canteen that disappoints us in this regard), we came back to the lab. We were then asked to register our fingerprints for attendance because from tomorrow, the finger print reader is gonna be our attendance register, something that I thought was a technical wonder when I just entered college. Time has flown by and it was our time to SHOW OUR FINGERS to the fingerprint reader. After that ritual, we again went into the lab and started editing our department association website, my god the code really seemed greek and latin to me. Sundar was doing the editing part and I was just looking at it. Then the 2nd years came in and they were having Data Structures lab. That was something that I really loved in my 4th semester, not because of the subject, it was just because I could sit for two hours in the A/C and not do anything. After all that editing work, the time was 4.30 PM it was time for us to pack up. We again went to the canteen had a cup of coffee and dispersed.

Well, going by my standards, the day was quite usual, nothing out of ordinary, so to say the least, it was damn boring. AND HENCE... I decided that spending my time with the project is much better than just being jobless in the lab.


nandy said...

Ha ! I stuck out being jobless for 6 months !! U can't take ONE DAY ?? :D

Vineeth said...

I'm slowly getting used to it Nandy.