Sunday, February 1, 2009

Indefinite Closing of Colleges - Yippie???

The title just happens to be a hint of what lies ahead.

Disclaimer: If you are a supporter of LTTE and their so called noble cause, you are advised against reading this.

Indefinite closing of colleges because some impulsive, hot blooded, moronic, wood-headed student riots in support of LTTE??? Who are these LTTEs??? They definitely aren't doing the work of a Mahatma to deserve a riot in favour of them. They are killing people - innocent civilians. Suicide bombings in the city of Colombo, using poor Tamil residents as 'human shields' and waging war against a country for more than 2 decades in the name of a fight for liberation are all things reserved for terrorist organizations. There are ways to fight for liberation, killing innocent people is just not the right way to do it. The cause and means of LTTE is no different from that of Al-Quaeda or the Lashkar-e-Taiba.

And why do students become a part of every damn problem in this country? The problem lies within the students themselves. Learning is the only duty that a student has. And my dear fellow students, it is not your duty to fight the dirty politician's fight. It does not mean you must not stand up against evil. That is a right and duty of every citizen, but rioting in favour of an organization classified as a Terrorist Organization all over the world isn't something expected of you - Mr. Student. If thats something you have been doing, it only means one thing - you have been misguided.

And the indefinite closing of all colleges in Tamilnadu??? Why??? Oh, you din't know students aren't students anymore? They are goondas, they are supporters of terrorist organizations, they are miscreants of the first order, they are Anti social elements. And hence, they have been forced to vacate hostels and go home so that they do not indulge in any form of violence. See - this is the kind of image the student community currently has, all thanks to the unlawful behaviour in the recent times (law college riots, the current support of LTTEs are all a few examples).

Well, personally, I feel - damn the image. I am a student, all my friends are students, we are not what we are portrayed to be. I speak here on behalf of the entire student community:

The rioting, terrorist supporing clan is only a minority amongst us. By and large, we are a responsible lot. Responsible towards our nation, towards our families and towards ourselves. We are future politicians, beurocrats, entrepreneurs, defense personnel, scientists and much more. We are the future of India. So do not include us in your dirty politics and spoil our and our nations future.

Finally, my message to all students: for a moment, think of the right and the wrong. Do not be guided by blind emotion, vengeance and hot blood. Violence will not provide answer to anything - it only makes the answers more difficult to find. And above all, do not forget your parents for whom your education is much more important their life and happiness.