Thursday, June 4, 2009

Life at the end of 4 days in Mu Sigma Business Solutions Pvt Ltd.

If there is one question that goes through the mind of every engineering graduate after he actually graduates is - "What next???" Well, luckily I dint have to wait for really long to get that answer, the company that hired me called Mu-Sigma business solutions had asked me to join on the 1st of June (It was actually advanced from 28th of september which incidentally happens to be a holiday for Mu-Sigma according to its calendar :P ). Things that I had been putting off for later had to be done. I applied for my PAN card and got it before I left. Even thought PAN is issued by the Income Tax Department which is a part of Government of India, the entire process went about without much of a fuss because it was actually outsourced to a company called Karvy consultancies. So that was pretty cool :) The other important document I had to get before I left was my passport. I have been postponing it for the past god knows how many days. Finally I did drop in at the passport office, application had to be done online and I did, I was given an appointment on the 8th of June which actually happens to be a working day for Mu-Sigma and I could not take off during the first one month because it was the training period. So poof, there goes the passport.

After all that visiting relatives and temples formalities that goes on in South India (Esp Tamilnadu), I left for Bangalore with friends and relatives waving their hands at the bus stand(you actually don't get trains from anywhere on earth to bangalore, you have to book it a millenium in advance). I roamed around aimlessly in Bangalore for 3 days as I landed quite earlier because I had to meet the house owner and there were loads of other formalities to finish.

Finally, THE DAY came. It was June 1st. I had to join office. I was all excited about it. I woke up at 6 A.M without the Alarm. Wow. That was some day. It normally takes 3 alarms, a bucket of water, music at full blast, some yelling and the smell of lunch to wake me up at 12 Noon :D

I reached office earlier than I was expected. I was in the office by 8.25. Saagar who happens to be one of my best friends from the first year was with me too. It was a great feeling. People started coming in, we had to fill in one cartload of forms and meet another boatload (Mu-Sigma Jargon) of people. It was hard remembering most of their names because apparently, the part of my brain that was supposed to hold memory had some malfunction, I still haven't been able to figure out how to fix it. Well, getting back to what I was saying, I made quite a few friends at office in a very short while. One thing I noted the whole day was that there was not even a small glitch anywhere. Things went on really well. It only showed the amount of pain that had gone into the planning. Hats off to guys at Mu-Sigma for having done such a great job on the very first day.

Second day was AWESOME. We had real fun exercises to be done. First we were paired with one seemingly unknown person and were asked to introduce each other. Helped in knowing one extra person than we already knew. Then came a team building exercise, we had to build a tower out of paper, clips and glue stick and market it :) we were split into groups of 5. Fortunately my group had one genius called Abhishek who did most of the design part. We did all the cutting and pitched in with a few suggestions gere and there. Most of the presentations were highly creative and witty. I started loving the people already. Then we had a session on "office etiquette" after which we had to organize a meeting. Again we were split into groups of 6 and our group had really enthusiastic people. The meeting went on well too. End of the day, we knew a lot more people than we actually did at the end of the first day.

Third and fourth days were full of classes. Maybe I now roughly get the idea of what people at Mu Sigma meant by a "hectic schedule". We had sessions non-stop with no real breaks in between. The way they make it sound, the work actually seems exciting. If it really is as exciting as it sounds, I'm sure i'll end up having a hell lotta fun. I'm LOVING THIS PLACE and THE PEOPLE.

Signed off at the end of 4th day at Mu - Sigma.


RamG said...

Good stuff dude. Rather than posting the usual things about it being great to join, work being good and all, you have posted a lot of info. Keep up the good work. It would help all of us with future joining dates(myself September 28th) to know whats really in store. Good luck!

Arti said...

That was a good description.. Do keep blogging..

Vineeth said...

Thanks Ram and Arti. I will post more as days go by. The problem being, I don't have an internet connection at home now. Will be getting it in another week or so, from then on, I'll be blogging more frequently.

nandy said...

hey vineeth :) good one, once again ! i'll b relying on u to find me a job there after 2 yrs !

Life is the best teacher! said...

Machi !! Really gr8 da.. seems you have landed in a job that suits you perfectly!! happy to know that you are njoyin it.. keep it up n have a gr8 time buddy!!

Ankit said...

Ankit Arora here..hey it ws gud 2 read abt keep us updating..hp 2 join u soon..

Pankaj Shukla said...

On weekends only sundays are off or both Saturday and sundays. And I am an Mechanical Engg. would it be too hard for me to adjust in this company???