Thursday, August 20, 2009

Second year!!!

After a long time, I come back to my dear old blog. Work kept me off it for so long. My work as a Business Analyst at Mu Sigma is fun. I'm enjoying the work so much that I even dream of numbers, insights and excel spreadsheets :)

To begin with, one thing that stands out in the second year is Intrams. For people who don't know - Intrams is PSG Tech's intra college cultural fest. There were a variety of events like Footloose (Dance), 2-D, Movie Spoof, Woodstock. I was a part of 2-D. It was supposed to be a skit that examines two sides of an issue. We started off with "Reservations based on caste" and did well. When the prelims came, we were asked to change the topic as it might "hurt" many people. That hurt nobody but us. After weeks of story and dialogue writing and rehearsing all nights after attending college in the morning we were rejected. We had one day to come up with something new. We decided to do something on "Democracy". Saagar wrote the entire script in one night, I and Niranjan came up with a few punch dialogues here and there. Finally we finished the script that night and did one or two rehearsals in the morning. Nirmal Davis was in charge of Music. When the moment came, we were all bloody nervous. Still, it went on with punch dialogues, good music and some REALLY BAD ACTING :D still, we won the FIRST PLACE. Our joy knew no bounds, we all jumped, hugged each other, hooted, howled, whistled, screamed and literally flew over to the stage. After all that we went through, it was simply amazing. Felt great. ECE won in footloose, 2-D, Theme show, Woodstock and many other off stage events. The name Blitzkriegerz became so famous that we had people who passed out call us and ask who that is :)

Apart from Intrams, I alongwith 3 other guys decided to make a Robot for a contest in Anna University. We were the only second years, even though we were eliminated in the second round - by the eventual winners, we felt good because we actually did something in Robotics. Then, I did not know that Embedded Systems lab and Robotics would become my identity in the next two years.

Friends we just knew in the first year, became BEST FRIENDS in the second. Went into a relationship which like most relationships progressed from very sweet to really bad. Finally we broke up in the third year after a lot of contemplation.

Second year was when I got an 8 point CGPA for the first time. I thought it was just one off and I would return to be a 9 pointer next semester, it was not meant to be. I remained an 8 pointer from then on. Getting a 9 point CGPA seemed too easy in the first three semesters, but became almost impossible since then.

The second year also had us trying to improve the "Interaction" in class and failing miserably. Thinking about it now, I feel like a fool for having attached so much importance to things that were actually not important. Then, it felt like if we did not win in Intrams, we would not be respected. The very next year, we did not even go see what was happening in Intrams. What seems extremely important in one year, seems very trivial in the very next year. That is how you can realise you are GROWING UP. I certainly GREW UP a lot in the second year. It taught us a lot of things because I made a lot of mistakes in the second year.


Saagar said...

Baaas...We did call you again for the third year INTRAMS..only you were quite busy to turn up ;-)..and we won again ( with the BADder acting :-))

Vineeth said...

Maybe if I had turned up, you would have lost???? Who knows... Butterfly effect dude... :D So many things could have worked differently because of that.. And we might have ended up somewhere else :D

nandy said...

:) feeling embarrassed to b ur dumb seniors - wut were we called again - oh yeah baxtronitz or something ! :) awesome to hear u loving ur job :) any chance u cud get me there in a cupla yrs ? :)

Vineeth said...

Nandy, you could as well be our Manager :D That would be some fun :)