Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Third Year - Pre-final in a lot of senses!!!!

Hey all. I'm back to my dear old blog of more than a month's hiatus.

Q.Why did i not blog?
A.Well. Nothing. I was plain lazy.
Q.Why do I come back to it?
A.Two weeks of joblessness will rekindle your blogging spirits :D


Third year was a major transformation period. Whatever seemed too important in the second seemed trivial in the third. Class "interaction" is one perfect example. I spent so much time thinking how good the class would be if everyone spoke to everyone else, but by the time we were in third year, I realised we were better off the way we are.

All the trivialities apart, this was when we (I, Vijay, Karthick and Sundar) started spending all our time in the PSG Tech - Infineon Embedded Systems Lab. We first started off developing a Robot - An Autonomous Pathfinder. That was one major disaster. It worked well till the moment it mattered. When we were being evaluated, it bombed. One of my teammates (name better not mentioned, but everyone who knew our group would have guesses by now :P ) was almost in tears, but the others were the usual joke cracking, babe watching self. Our other project took one major chunk of our time in college. There have been days when we were in the lab for 3 continuous days - without break. All that paid dividends when we won so many awards for our project. It was even published in an International journal. Even the Robot which we thought was a disaster impressed people from a company called Atmel that they ended up publishing that in their own online journal.

These two projects taught us a lot of things. It was because of these two projects that I learnt to be level headed. Whenever we were commended, I remembered the wild stares we got when our Robot bombed. So we never really celebrated much.

Pre placement preparations had begun in full swing. There were some sections who were busy preparing for GRE and some who were busy with CAT preparations. Overall, it was time to get serious. But me being me, decided to do GRE, but thought learning words to get scores was too stupid. As a result of which I did not prepare for GRE. CAT really was out of question back then. I thought my project would fetch me a job in some decent core company. It was not to be so because my already screwed up CGPA got all the more screwed up as I went further downhill in the 5th semester.

So, we (entire ECE strength in hostel - even though I wasnt a hosteller, I was almost always in the hostel) decided to do combined studies for the 6th semester. We split the syllabus of each subject among 10 - 15 odd people and learnt only what was allotted to us. End of the day, we would discuss what we learnt. We thought this was a good way of conquering the monster called End Semester Examination, this too proved to be a disaster as my CGPA tumbled to an all time - unimaginable low. I had people from other departments asking me what happened. Most of them thought it was because of some fallen relationship. But hell, nobody was ready to believe that I was getting LAZIER.

At the end of the 6th semester, I was nowhere near my classmates. Those who started preparing for GRE with me ended up getting good scores and started the app process whereas I was still in the FIRST WORD LIST from BARRONS because I thought I was smarter in not learning words to get a score. Since I wanted to do GRE, I did not prepare for placements and they were about to begin. It was then that the realization dawned upon me - I HAD SCREWED EVERYTHING UP :)

To be continued......