Friday, November 6, 2009

THE Final Year - Unarguably THE BEST

Alright. Some time in hand now. And I am not sleepy. The last month has been pretty hectic. Now that I'm done with my work for the year :D I can BLOG.. Final year has been waiting in the drafts for quite some time now.

Placement BEGINS.. First comes TCS, I decided to give it a skip because it had a 2 year bond, then was CTS. Skipping all the details - I got through and got the offer letter the same day. Happy??? Well.... Almost.

After a few days comes DE Shaw, the highest payer - 11.7 LPA.. Who would wanna miss that chance??? But you remember my CGPA fiasco? I was not allowed to write the test because I was NOT A 9 POINTER. I'm sure I would not have gotten through. Not that smart you see......

Again skipping details. I got into interviews for 4 companies. Got rejected by one which said "You would not find the job exciting!!!" (WTH???) Another company after a million rounds of interviews has still not given my result. Another company rejected me because my grades weren't "consistent" and finally got into the company I'm currently working for - Mu Sigma Business Solutions. Was I happy??? Hell yeah.. Though it was not a core electronics company that I wanted to be in, the job profile I thought sounded cool I was gonna be a Business Analyst :P Yippie ;)

Skipping a lotttttttttt more details....... I did not want an internship in the 7th semester (does not mean I could have got one if I had wanted to) because I wanted to spend my final semester freaking out..

All through this, I just felt great being in THE FINAL YEAR.. The guys we looked upto when we were in the first year. The guys who could skip classes, the guys who got to do all the "co-ordinating" work.. You know.. It was us now..

Came the 8th semester - unarguably the best days of my life. No classes. One project which wasn't very time consuming, an understanding guide and awesome project mates. This was when we went for lunch to palakkad and for tea to ooty. That's LIFE.

Any movie that got released, I made it a point to watch it first day. Played basketball everyday like crazy (I sucked at it... Still do ...) roamed the entire city with Rafi in my bike. Checked out almost every single restaurant in Coimbatore. Hung around a lot in friends' places, again organized robotics for Kriya and screwed up big time ( Above all made many “friends for life”.

It all seemed like it just started, but there it was – the final review right in front of us. All that I wanted was not to get a re-do which will make me stay another 6 months in college. The review went on well in spite of us not having done great work.

After the reviews got over, we had one last week to spend at the hostel.( PSG Tech hostel = heaven – (good food + good looking girls)). We had so many things to do in the last one week. Library clearance, lab clearance, alumni induction and of course having as much fun as possible. We – the entire boys strength of ECE went around race course walking. The next day we had our T-shirt scribbling ceremony where people write random stuff on each others’ T-shirts. Some of them were really great wishes (“Hope you get laid soon” was something that was there in everybody’s T-shirt). After all that fiasco, the last DAY we spent taking photographs of every interesting point of our college – department entrance, the landmark bridge, hostel entrance, the hostel register where you sign in when you enter late (I have seen Jason Bournes, John McLanes and all other Hollywood action heroes in the register), the hostel snack bar, the basketball court and everything we could set our eyes on.

Next morning, guys left one by one. I was the last one to go home. I have heard so many stories about “macho guys” crying during the last day - the last goodbye, but we were “super macho guys” who did not cry. None of us did!!! Really!!! Felt great that we all departed the way we lived life – KING SIZE!!!

No matter how miserable your college life was when you were in it, when you look back, those would still be the BEST DAYS OF YOUR LIFE.

I finish off with a quote from Shawshank Redemption:

“I tell you these walls are funny. First you hate them. Then you get used to them.Enough time passes... You get so dependent on them. That's institutionalized”

Just replace walls with college, the sentence holds so true.

Miss my college life… No matter how much fun I have now, nothing equals the fun in college..

I dedicate this series of posts to all the people who have directly or indirectly been a part of the 4 years and made it so WONDERFUL.