Wednesday, December 23, 2009


After weeks of watching just the extended HD trailer, I could not wait anymore to watch this movie. Me and my rommates had booked a ticket for last Sunday at Fame Lido. Effin 350 bucks. But I was desperate to watch it. Did not mind.

Here goes the review.....

Avatar - a movie with a typical bollywood story filled with stunning visuals. Sam Worthington, after a brilliant performance in Terminator Salvation comes up with a stellar performance as an ex-marine who lost his legs and a twin brother. He proves his mettle as an actor. Soon, he will join the big league of Christian Bale, Leonardo DiCaprio and Johny Depp.

Hollywood for once shows Earthlings invading another planet and this time the audience will take the aliens' side. Frankly, I'm tired of all the aliens invading Earth and so is everyone. This is a refreshing change. I just hope there are not anymore copycat movies.

I'm not delving into the details of the plot because there isn't much to say, but visuals OMFG. Michelle Rodriguez in the movie says "should see your faces", it so applies to you, you will be so awestruck that you will look super stupid, esp with the 3-D glasses on.

James Cameron conceived the idea for Avatar in 1994, but then technology had to catchup. I thought he was bullshitting, but no shit. Seriously, to create something like this, he sure needed the best equipments of 2009. This $200 million, 15 year project could not have been any better.

Bottomline: 350 or 500, watch it for its visuals. I'm sure you or anyone you know has not seen anything like this in your or his/her lifetime.