Saturday, February 6, 2010

Women and sense of humour!!!

Been quite some time since I actually wrote something. The previous post was just a lift off from some website. Today I happened to have an enlightening conversation with one of my friends about women and their sense of humour. All the "jokes" I'm mentioning here happened in real life right in front of me.

"Joke 1" - a few years back

Girl1: Hey.. Watch your steps.. You might slip and fall..

Girl2: LOL.. Ha ha haaa...

Me: ?????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!.. WTH!!!!

"Joke" 2 - a few months back

Girl3: Hey. How do you think he figured out how this paper clip works? (The 'he' here happens to be a geek)

Girl4: I know I know.. He must have written some codes!!!

Girl1: LOL.. Ha ha haaa...

Me: ???? Going mad!!!!

"Joke" 3 - a few days back
(the best so far)

Girl5: Hey. You know what. I always iron my pants only below the knee, coz till there its covered by the kurta!!!

Girl6: LOL!!! Ha ha haa......

Me: Give up!!!


Jacksparrow said...

And i thought venka was the biggest mokkai ever..

Vineeth said...

@ Jandhu: Venka is deliberately mokkai da. These females intend to be funny but its "mokkaier" than Venka.

Shiv said...

Yeah dude . i know what you are talking about

Sir Castic said...

Nice post reminded me of some of the gals in my col. Here is one of the story..
Girl: Eddy u look so cute. Esp with the new hair and all.
Me: *blushing* thnk u.
As i was riding on cloud 9, a pig passes by, and
Girl: Awwww...pigs back is so cute esp with the wriggly tail.
Me: (thinkin) my face= pig tail. WTH!!!

Vineeth said...

@ Edwin: Really good one dude :D

gowri shankar said...

really nice one .Have experienced it in my college too :)