Monday, March 8, 2010

"Best Friends" for life

There is no bigger curse than being the best friends for life with the one girl you love more than anyone else. Everytime she calls to crib about her boy friend, you know you could have been much better. You know you would have made her happy. You know you will never give her a chance for her to crib about lack of attention from her boy friend. But knowing all this, you also know that you will never be her boy friend, because.. .... You are her BEST FRIEND.. This is what I call suffering from "Good friends" syndrome.

A lot of poor guys end up being "good friends" with every girl they know. They can never express themselves because they know the answer that is in store "Hey. I have never thought of you like that.. You know???"

Yeah.. Of course I know.. That is why you will never know how much I love you.. You will never know what I'm missing.. You will never know how much I feel like crying everytime you call to crib about your arsehole of a boy friend. Yes... I know your boy friend is a bloody asshole, but I will never tell you that. Because, to you - he is more important than I'am. I will still tell you that its all gonna be fine. I'm the shoulder for you to cry on. I'm the moral support you need everytime you get dumped. I'm the guy who helps you solve assignments. I'm the guy you look up to when you are in trouble. I'm the "friend" who is always available. And I'm the guy who will always love you more than your boy friend does. But you will never know. You will never see, because you do not want to "spoil the beautiful relationship that we share".

But you know what? I will not complain. I will still listen to you when you need support. I would still tell you that life is gonna be awesome. Because.. I will always love you..