Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Since the last post!!!

Since the last post:

Chennai Super Kings have won the IPL
Chelsea won the Premier League
England Won the T20 World cup

Naxals killed a lot of people
Maoists are getting stronger

Three of my classmates got engaged
A lot of my friends resigned
Some of them got B School Admits

I have stopped working out
Went to Ooty twice, Skandagiri once and Chennai once
Went to P.S.G College of Technology after a long time
Got wet in a rain accompanied by 70kmph wind (courtesy: The Hindu)
Improved my deck making skills! (???)
Got my bike serviced (finally)
Started watching friends and finished 4 seasons and one episode in the 5th
Watched two tamil movies
Caught up with a really old friend
Promise myself that I will update the blog regularly


shafi said...

good to see you back Vineeth anna

meteoraqueen said...

It's been a lonng time again. update, update!!