Sunday, October 24, 2010

Reminiscing While the Changes Happen

Work Life and the Present:

  • I've been promoted at work - Senior Business Analyst now. So are Saagar, Praveen and Shiv. Vijay a.k.a Polees a.k.a Femfole just missed it - but the hike is worth it Mr.GSPeee :)
  • Moving on to a different team and a different set of skills required there, but I'm upto it.
  • Watched Endhiran and did not quite like it.
  • Jhoota hi sahi, Boss engira Baskaran and Naan Mahaan Alla were worth the time.
  • Went through school and college pics and realized how much we've all changed.
  • Some memories from the past still haunt me.
  • Got in touch with my first crush. I was just 11 years old then :D
  • Learnt to play Squash and gave up because of a bad wrist
  • Made a lot of 'Friends for life' in Shiv, Polees, Fish, Vimal, Gowri, Gauss, Srinath and Satwi
  • Had an awesome trip to Ooty with Shiv - Billa, Vijay - Polees, Vignesh - Fish, Vimal - Floppy, Gowri - Kelari ,Thirunavukkarasu - Gauss and Srinath - Swaaang :)
  • Played volley-ball after ages
  • Playing basketball once in a while. Re-wind to:

College days -

  • The days when I, Vinod, Mouli, Srini, Hari, Vijay and Viki would play almost daily.
  • Total timepass in the name of project.
  • The 'mokkai' sessions at Divya's place.
  • "Surprise" birthday parties??? ;)
  • All the fun in the J Block of PSG Tech Men's hostel - home away from home INDEED.
  • Playing Mafia.
  • Sundar's gyaan about life and technology.
  • Raghu's gyaan about programming.
  • Sriram a.k.a P Man's gyaan about life, entrepreneurship and girls :P
  • Ashwin's gyaan about business.
  • The innumerable but wonderful 'chocos' sessions with Praveen, Giri and Balaji
  • Innumerable movies on the first day
  • All the un-countable lunches with Rafi at totally random places everyday - Leiden, Residency, Anandas, Burma Bai, SRKP - miss you bro
  • Total time-pass with Sudhakar
  • The innumerable "change the class's outlook" sessions with Viki, Vijay and Koli
  • TM a.k.a Mama's mokkais and million reactions
  • Bala's jump :D
  • Jandhu's laziness coupled with extraordinary genius.
  • Jacob's "soora padippu"
  • Jega's punch dialogs
  • Narendran's rowdysm
  • Sath's intensity while learning and all his comedies
  • Muthu's silence
  • Thala's sessions
  • Rama's bowling and innumerable TP sessions
  • Sabari's gyaan about "economy"
  • Srini's PR work and advice to juniors :D
  • Venki's - "eh"
  • The Vijay Fan ROD
  • Master Blaster Venka's and Baski's innumerable dance performances
  • KSK's computer gyaan
  • Intrams and Chill Out Gethu Sessions with Saagar and Niranjan :)

Missing it all guys.. PSG Tech was heaven in all aspects except one which everyone knows about!!!

A little bit more of a re-wind?

High school

  • Pondicherry tour.
  • Salem steel plant visit.
  • SACON.
  • All the small and big crushes.
  • Karuppusamy sir's tuition.
  • Fantasia, Sports Day, Annual Day.
  • Pottu - and the source of his name.
  • SriKarthi's math genius.
  • Algebra 1, 2, 3 upto infinity
  • The Peter Gang and the Scene Gang
  • Infinite calls from the Principal
  • Usha Rani Madam's physics classes and the total timepass
  • Bommuraj sir's chemistry classes and JK's not writing record - standing outside record
  • Timepass in Bio lab
  • The breaks with JK, Jock and Sid.
  • The timepass we used to do in the corridor.
  • Jock's pic in the most wanted column of a newspaper and putting it on the notice board.
  • The countless humor sessions during the 11th std. annual day dance practise.
  • GD star.
  • Volley ball.
  • The totally timepass Quiz sessions.
  • Debates. Speeches. Inter-school competitions and the victories.
  • The really beautiful GD girls..
"Those were the best days of my life"