Thursday, July 28, 2011

Filler Tag!

Filler it is, till I come up with something on my own. A tag I picked up from Ashwin.

1. When was the last time you swore? Which swear
word was it? Why? At who?
I swear a lot and not really mean it, I probably just called a friend a "bastard" maybe a few hours ago. Does that count as swearing?

If it's swearing at someone with all the emotions, I think it was a few days back.

2. Describe Ms. Perfect.
Tough one! Still giving it a shot:

Someone who's smart, who can get into an argument with me and probably win. Win - not with typical "it's all your fault" argument, rather a scientific argument.

Should share similar interests, which include our taste in music, movies, sports and books. Need not necessarily like the same things, but share interests. Does that even makes sense?

Someone who has goals in life, a goal that is not "get married and have kids". Someone who'll respect me for who I'm and accept me as a whole than try to change me. Someone who'll let me have some me time with my friends and not complain about it.

3. Tell us three qualities that you hate in people (in general) and three that you love.
3 qualities I hate
  1. Fake people
  2. People who are socially awkward - making fools of yourself for fun is still okay, but acting like a weirdo is not okay
  3. Spllng lyk dis
3 qualities I Love
  1. Intelligence
  2. Taking things in the right sense - not getting hurt for everything
  3. Being open and discussing things rather than expecting me to understand and act
4. If you could pick one person to survive Apocalypse, who would it be?
No one really. When the World ends, it should end with everything in it (which includes humans)

5. What is your greatest strength and your greatest weakness?
Strength: I can handle pressure, a lot of it. I'm very level headed (at least I think so) and I will not knowingly hurt a person, I will try to be friendly with even strangers.

Weakness: I over-think things, I dig deep into what a person could have meant when he/she said one simple sentence.

6. Apart from your father, who is your hero?
My department's head in college Dr. S. Jayaraman - a man know seemed to know, literally EVERYTHING! I really don't know what kind of a man he was in his personal life, but when it came to academia, he was easily THE BEST!

7. When was the last time you wanted to kill a person? Who was it and why?
Political and it could be a CLM.

8. Put up a picture of your room.

9. Do you consider yourself materialistic? Prove either answer.
I'm very unsure of this. I like my car, I like my gadgets, but I'm not attached to any of them. If I end up losing my phone or my laptop - I would be more worried about the stuff inside them (letters, pictures, movies etc.) that I lost than the laptop itself. Does that make me materialistic?

10. Apart from the obvious, what is the first thing you notice in a girl?
Grammar and accent (this is a new interest now, trying to find out where the girl is from based on accent). If you thought everyone sounded same, you must watch this.

11. Who, after 24 years of living, would you consider your best friend, the one who’ll remain so till you have ten great grandchildren.
Pavitra Subramanyam closely followed by the G Gang and Rafi.

12. What was the last joke you heard/read which had you laughing till you cried?

13. How often do you lie? (Don’t tell us you don’t because everybody does)
I don't count. Really.

14. What was the last gift you gave (to who) and received (from whom)?
The last time I gave someone something on my own for no occasion is to Vignesh Deivaraj. Aviatoresque shades from Fast Track.

Last gift I received was a blu-ray disc of The Dark Knight with extras from Rafi.

15. Can you write haiku? If so, give us one. If not, die trying (for convenience, I leave the topic upto you).

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