Saturday, July 23, 2011

Seattle - I just realized how much I love this city!

Seattle is no New York or LA, it's not Mumbai or Bangalore either, but it has it's own beautiful charm. The two most famous Seattleites are people who've had really screwed up heads but created arguably the best music ever - yes, Jimi Hendrix and Kurt Cobain (maybe it was the weather that made them like this)

So far, I've done none of the touristy things except visit the Space Needle when Mr.Kshira Saagar (a friend, a colleague and almost a brother) had come along. I've also not done any of the awesome summer things like camping, hiking, trekking etcetera. But still in a moment when I looked at Seattle's night skyline and the really weird road patterns (unlike other cities, Seattle does not have perfectly perpendicular roads, it can actually be very confusing for a newcomer) while I was inebriated, I realized I LOVE this city. Yeah, I said it!!!

I've always, always complained about this city to anyone I met in the US -it rains a lot, it's dark, gloomy and depressing, but in-spite of all that it is really awesome. The city has a very decent night-life (though I'm not a huge fan of night-clubs), has some of the best bars and restaurants I've ever been to, is truly multi-cultural and very accepting of foreigners like myself.

LA is great, New York is just friggin awesome with all the history, but still I'm happy living in Seattle and now given a choice between cities, I might (just might) choose Seattle!

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