Friday, August 19, 2011

I'm Ashamed!

Every second item on my Facebook wall is about Anna Hazare and how corrupt the government is. Seriously guys, talk about corruption, eradicating it in it's root etc, is kind of very ironic. Anyone who has ever bribed an official voluntarily to speed things up and get things done faster has no right to comment on how corrupt the government is. Corruption starts and ends in us. Unless we are clean, we are all just a bunch of armchair critics!

If we are all that concerned, why don't we do something about it, rather than just "raise awareness" in Facebook? How does that even help? Our raising awareness is isn't going to move a gear or a cog in the government machinery.

What can we do, you ask? There are so many NGOs that support poor kids in their education, we can help them. We can teach underprivileged kids in our free time, it's doing our part in getting people what they need.That's not good enough? If "system change" is what we need, why don't we become the bureaucrats and politicians we're fighting against? Why don't we join politics, why don't we become ministers, why don't we become MLAs and MPs? Why don't we become IAS, IPS officers? We won't do it, we want a "Safe career", we all want to go to "good engineering and medical colleges", we all want "good jobs".

Yes, being selfish is okay, if you are more concerned about yourself and your family more than the country, it is totally okay, just accept it and move on. Do not do things because everyone else seems to do it. Your candle-light vigil is not going to help anything except maybe get YOU some media coverage. Is that all you need? Your candlelight vigil is like the useless "strategy" meetings that happen in big corporate houses, it's all glittery, everyone's dressed up, everyone talks of great things, but nothing ever comes out of these meetings.

I'm extremely ashamed of my generation right now. Half the people who're crying about corruption don't give a rat's ass about what's happening to their own maid-servant's sons/daughters in school. Do they even go to schools? Do you know?

I'm not pointing fingers, I'm not calling everyone bad, but anyone who just decided to jump into the "stop corruption in India bandwagon" overnight, needs to be honest with himself/herself.



Spaceman Spiff said...

I lost interest in this whole fiasco long back. People should realise that holding candle-light vigils and having 'peaceful' protests works like magic only in movies (by the way, what the hell is a peaceful protest?? Isn't the whole point of a protest lost if it's peaceful?? That's like saying 'The baby cried quietly'). I don't say anything about it because unless I myself have made an effort to make a difference to at least one person's life, I have no right to point fingers at others. I haven't voted even once. I guess I've become very indifferent towards everything. Maybe it's cynicism, maybe it'smy age.. I don't know.

I do want things to change, but I don't see how an old man (who's anyways nearing the finishing line) fasting can help it. Like you said, let's each one of us make an effort first, then blame others.

Vineeth said...

@Spacemant: Exactly my point. I would never raise my voice for/against the issue, because I myself have been indifferent. I have done absolutely nothing and I know my holding candles is not going to help anyone.

You know what the worst part is? There's a strong Indian community here and everyone wants to hold candles and show solidarity, I mean, come on, you're a 10,000 miles away from India, how is your showing solidarity going to help anyone? And a poor guy who actually mentioned this in the community's e-mail thread, got verbally abused in the mail-thread by at least 5-10 people. Bloody armchair critics. They were literally saying "it is because of people like you that India is corrupt".

Vikas said...

Dude.. When u say, You are not calling everybody bad, I would go and say everybody is bad.. Its exactly like how the campaigns say all politicians/polictics is bad.. They just tarnished the image of polictics and the few politicians who have actually worked their ass off. The worst part is that most part of this crusade contains people who know an iota about running a govt. or a country. We'll always remain a country of sheep or cows.. Very easy to herd us. Sadly I ahve to say, I'm ashamed too.

Vineeth said...

Vikas - thanks dude. There's one more person who agrees to my views. I know dude, there are so many politicians who have worked for their communities. It's just so easy to generalize.

And absolutely loved where you said "it's easy to herd us", we're a mob!

And.. Why is your Gyaan empty? ;) Write dude, it's good fun.

Spaceman Spiff said...

True, we Indians have this herd mentatlity. Five people create FB event for a protest, the rest of them join in. Tell me, does Manmohan Singh have an FB account? Will he know what's happening and how many on his friends are supporting the cause?
Using the social media to raise awareness is good, but it should reach the right people. What's the point in doing it if the only ones who see are your friends.

My roomie is a reporter with one of the national newspapers. She went to cover the protest happening here in Hyderabad. One small boy didn't even know why he was there.He said someone gave him a candle and he was holding it. Even the people who were distributing the candles had no clue what was happening!

Vineeth said...

Divya - you've saved my day. Anyone who thinks people are doing it with the noblest of intentions, please read Spaceman's comment!

Keirthana said...

Hi Vineeth,

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