Monday, June 18, 2012

The Quarter Life Crisis

You've graduated college - a dream of your last 15 years. You always dreamt of this day when you will be a grown-up, have your own life, your own money and make your decisions. Time to step into the real world, take up a job and you do. And then.. and then, it hits you. Hits you hard. You see one too many 20 somethings who are just where you are now. Graduated college, have a job (a career) and living everyday as it comes.

What happened to that guy who played basketball everyday? The guy who wrote every once in a while? The guy who loved reading? The guy who wanted to change the world? The guy who could make things? The guy who loved exploring? The biker? With each passing day, you realize your skills are waning and you're becoming uni-dimensional - a.k.a "boring".

You were riding a giant wave - you went with the flow. Worked hard in school, got into a good college, worked enough in college and got yourself a job. What now? The giant wave is long gone. All you have left is this colorless, lifeless ocean of choices and opportunities - but there is no wave to carry you. There is no motivation.

Lying in the ocean, ditched by the wave, floating towards meaningless oblivion, you realize - Quarter-life crisis strikes and strikes HARD!


lakshmi dinesh said...
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lakshmi dinesh said...

Hey, good thinking! My comment would be to put in the extra effort to dream, to write, to read and to play :) Hope you will see the change soon. All the best!

~Trilliums said...

Cheer up, V! I think in this day and age, it is a young person's duty to invest his eggs in more than one basket. As long as you pursue what interests you, everything else will follow.